"Best Care for YOUR Pet"

Dental Advocates for Pets


                                         "A Healthy Pet Starts With A Healthy Mouth"

Did you know you should be brushing your pets teeth at least a few times a week?

Most pet owners are not aware of this and pet's mouths become infiltrated with tartar and plaque.
This hardened plaque is actually a reservoir of bacteria which causes break down of the gums and teeth.
When the gums begin to break down they seperate from the teeth and allow for gingival pockets to form.
Through these pockets the bacteria escapes from the mouth and into the blood stream. When this occurs
the blood becomes infected and in turn can be harmful to vital internal organs. Taking the time to brush your pets teeth can save their lives. Your pets will thank you for helping to give them fresh breath and a healthy mouth.

Our hospitals offer preventative dental care products for regular maintenance including mouth rinses, water
additives, C.E.T. chews, and Enzymatic toothpaste. 

For dental cleanings that are beyond the scope of regular maintenance we offer dental treatments that will
break away the tartar and polish the teeth for a smooth surface. 

Ask us today how we can help save your pets life through a healthy mouth! We are pet dental advocates and we will do everything possible to keep your pets mouth's healthy so they are happy!